We save your money and make sure trading in Bulgaria is easy and secure.

  • We are your security when trading in Bulgaria.
  • We find the best source for your needs.
  • We are cutting the distance between the producer and the purchaser.
  • We source high quality products from the heartland of fertile Bulgaria.
  • We can consult in investments and property management and offer Legal advises.
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How we do it

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Due to the simple fact that products are being traded many times prior to ending in the end of the chain, we are cutting the distance between the producer and the purchaser.

Experience shows us that every step saved combined with optimized transportation makes us very competitive when sourcing products from Bulgaria. Our clients saves the search, effort and time, while we do the work of negotiating the best price and keeping control over the full trading process.

We thrive in making our customers satisfied. We insist on full transparency throughout the entire trading process. We offer a series of guarantees thru a selective method of samples inspections and certification of the products we trade with.

Our ethics reach for fair trade standards that cut out the middle man and ensure lower trading costs for our clients.

About us

  • was founded by two energetic and successful entrepreneurs, from Denmark and Bulgaria. Both of them have a long standing experience in agricultural production, marketing, renewable energy, construction and the latest high-tech agricultural methods.
  • The idea was born due to several requests from both Bulgarian and foreign companies wanting to purchase or sell in foreign markets.
  • During the years we have helped many companies purchase and invest in Bulgaria with great success.
  • Our employees have meticulously been vetted and are our biggest asset.
  • We have in house legal and accounting team which has a yearly long experience
  • The mother company has approximately 500Ha of own workable agricultural land situated in the southern part of Bulgaria as well as properties in Sofia.
  • Since the company’s management is a mix of nationalities, during the years we have achieved international competences and intercultural sensitivity.
  • We are the solution for all our foreign market partners when you want to purchase products from Bulgaria.

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